An educational plan is the elaboration of a general outline, specifically organised to achieve the objectives you want to make. The teacher must always keep in mind to avoid improvisations, optimise the use of time and guide and direct through the weekly report planning an indispensable tool for decisions-making before the following session.

The WKMT lesson plan divides the session methodology into clear sections, such as Technical work, Repertoire pieces, Etudes and for the students who are preparing for Grading examinations, Aural training and Sight-reading. 




 A lesson plan is part of the report’s system elaborated under the WKMT guidelines for accredited and full-time piano teachers. It is especially crucial for the students’ parent who becomes active participants in their child’s musical development.


This task allows the teacher the continuous process and the order of the topics within a session without losing the necessary attention; it must be formed by the most effective established norms possible and constituted by a dynamic and flexible structure. To achieve its purpose, which is nothing more than organising the student’s learning process in their pedagogical training. It should be added that planning in the educational process implies a formative, progressive and systematic process, where the teacher must be trained and informed, in the most appropriate way to plan the activities; taking into account the needs that are framed in the educational environment. 

At WKMT, we organise the holistic students’ programme as the final goal and the path through the report system and lesson planning.


This system introduced a systematic lesson plan which assists the teachers and students with their lessons. It creates a strong bond between the teacher, the student and in the case of the children, their parents. The reports are produced in the weekly lessons, and a senior teacher at WKMT supervises them.


Lesson planning is a continuous process and does not refer only to the direction to be taken, but also to the best way of how to achieve the proposed objectives and to facilitate the definition of the strategies to be followed and therefore be sure of the path to take. 


Further guidance is offered in the weekly online Team meetings, in which new methodologies are discussed to keep improving through the assistance to the teachers involved.




Summarising; planning implies that the teacher can use various tools and methodologies so that the program content reaches the students in a better way without falling into improvisations. This will endeavour the teacher takes on board is the reason why; that it should be planned from the beginning of the learning process between teacher and student which requires promoting learning experiences that allow training the pupil with principles, attitudes, virtues and values. 


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