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Are you looking to belong to a real active and supportive community of piano teachers?

WKMT-UK welcomes new professionals from all around the UK.

Becoming a WKMT Accredited Piano Teacher will mean yourself and your students will access the support and structure needed to transform your piano lessons into the most dynamic and motivating musical tuition.

Becoming a WKMT Piano Teacher implies you will gain access to regular training, performance opportunities for yourself and your students, masterclasses and even intensive courses abroad.

WKMT is the best solution for piano teachers in the UK who want to enhance the musical experience they offer to their piano students.

Academic Support

+Lesson Reports
All our teachers are encouraged to produce professional reports which track the progress of their students.
+WKMT official assessments and mock exams
We all know the value of multi-perspective in education. WKMT supports all their teachers’ exam submissions.
All students are eligible for a WKMT online examination if preparing an informal programme -not a grade exam- or for a mock grade-test if preparing a Grade examination.
In this way, WKMT London team supports all teachers within our community when preparing and sending piano students for examinations.
+WKMT official Piano Study Programmes
We train and support all our WKMT teachers so they can produce professional study plans for all their students. All programs need are checked and approved by our team of directors in London if suitable.
+Weekly teachers sessions
We host weekly online sessions through Skype and Zoom. These sessions and professional gatherings focus on Piano Technique and Piano Education.

Music events

+Piano Scholarships
WKMT scholarships are always open to capable students in London or the UK. Accredited WKMT piano teachers can apply their students to these scholarships when available throughout the year.
+Performance opportunities
WKMT organises events to guarantee all WKMT students have access to performance opportunities, educational musical concerts, masterclasses and even intensive courses in Europe.

WKMT students in London or the country can easily participate in our monthly events in person or remotely via Skype and Zoom.

In this way, all our accredited WKMT piano teachers in the UK can create motivating and integrative study plans for their students knowing that they can access professional music events.

+Piano Masterclasses
WKMT organises regular training sessions on the subjects of Advanced Harmony studies, Piano Technique, Piano Pedagogy and Music Analysis.


Some of these meetings are intended for the students of our WKMT community and others for our teachers.


All meetings can be attended in person in London or remotely.

+Campus for intensive courses
WKMT Music Campus in Galicia offers the chance to teachers and students to access magnificent and immersive music experiences in Europe.

As a teacher, you can propose projects for 5-day courses in Europe for your students or offer our regular courses at the campus at preferential rates.

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UK Piano Teachers

If you are looking to belong to a real passionate network of piano teachers aligned under a world-famous piano technique, WKMT-UK should be your first choice.

We offer real and consistent support to piano teachers and their students around the UK. WKMT-UK is all you need to provide your students with a well-structured and truly motivating framework.

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