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Outstanding complementary musical activities


Our masterclasses have already a long tradition within our organization. Teachers of the reputation of Gabriele Baldoci -professor of Masters degree at Trinity Laban, Juan Jose Rezzuto and many others have been in charge of creating these fascinating musical experiences for piano students at WKMT.

Professional Concerts

Our professional concerts are born like an attempt to restore the musical bourgeois gatherings of the beginning-of-XX-century-Europe.

This interaction with music is both intense and educationally efficient. It allows people to be a contemporary part of the “acousmatic phenomenon” and they can immediately socialize about what they have just experienced.

Our professional concerts involve our WKMT ensemble. The ensemble and the studio have committed the last two years to record “live” in audio and video all Haydn Piano concertos.

Music festivals

Our festivals are one of the most important events at WKMT. They represent the essential chance our piano students have to portray the product of their continuous efforts preparing their pieces.

During the festivals, students gain the opportunity to perform in front of a friendly audience and using a magnificent instrument.

These events are always professionally recorded in audio and video.

Unique Online and Face to Face Piano Lessons


Our intense “musical weeks and weekends” in Spain represent the jewel of the crown of our approach.

Based at WKMT’s magnificent rectorate building in Mondoñedo Galicia, these experiences are unique. A selection of no less than five and no more than eight students are invited to live and study protected from any city interference in the most inspiring environment.

Every Piano Student is Special – Every Project is Unique

One of our significant strengths is we are a well-established team. We have many educators that are ready to guide you in your musical path. 

If you are a singer who is looking to accompany yourself, if you are a music producer who needs the specific piano skills to help you composing and arranging your tracks, if your goal is sitting for the Trinity or ABRSM board of examinations, or you would like to learn to play the piano to relax and enjoy music, we are ready to help you, in every goal you seek.

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Online Piano Lessons

WKMT London

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WKMT offers online piano lessons with its full-time London teachers.

These lessons also benefit from all the supportive activities and events attached to our regular regional face-to-face piano lessons.

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“Highly recommended for adult students”

I picked up the piano a couple of months ago and having a teacher from the beginning of my journey was the best decision. I have really benefited from regular lessons at WKMT; the teachers are professional and the atmosphere great.

Michal Josefien

Piano Student
“Alvaro was a wonderful teacher”

I study piano in the US and was visiting London for a month and decided to have lessons and some practice time at WKMT. Alvaro was a wonderful teacher. His approach and focus were different than my US teacher and I was able to improve in a short time. When I returned to the US my teacher appreciated what I had learned and has asked me to continue some of the studies that Alvaro had recommended.

Richard Pinkowitz

Piano Student
“The enthusiasm of the teachers is infectious!!”

Signed my daughter up for lessons here. The enthusiasm of the teachers is infectious!! Good structure, great location and results that can be heard!!

Simon Buskell

Father of a child piano student
We are based in

UK and Europe

Piano lessons UK
piano lessons UK by WKMT

UK and Spain

WKMT is based in the UK and Spain. Our birthplace is the UK, where we organise most of our day-to-day activities.

Our orchestra the London Amateur Orchestra is based on London and rehearses at St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens.

Mondoñedo, Lugo, Spain is the location for our rectorate where we run intensive courses at our campus throughout the year.