Face-to-face or online Music Events

Face-to-face or online Music Events

Concerts at WKMT appointed venues

During the year you will have the chance to join our musical soiree in which we organise classical concerts for our members.

Since our leading studios are based in London, most of our music events will happen in this city. However, you will still be able to join us.

In case you cannot attend to the specific venue, we do stream live our concerts. That way, you will have access online to the full show.

We have been organising artists concerts since 2016, being successful in making all of our guests to enjoy an array of music and performances.

The perfect plan for a monthly Saturday to enjoy and learn with our concerts!


WKMT Piano Student Festivals


Once or even twice a year you will be invited to one of our prestigious events organised in London for all our students. In this case, you would be the main character on stage.

What you learn during your lessons will be put on practice in front of a live audience, and just the same as a performer, we will professionally record in video and audio your performance.

The festivals are not just a series of concerts, but also an event in which you will get to know other students with whom you can share experiences, talk to about music, giving you the chance to share your passion with music in a friendly environment.

These events will strengthen you on stage and actively performing the piano.

For those students who cannot attend the music festival venue, WKMT provides the convenience of streaming your live performance; in that way, the audience will be able to enjoy your piano performance, and our teachers evaluate your technical and expressive skills. Using either Zoom or Skype, and with a screen on-site, we will be able to allow you to participate like any other student.


WKMT Masterclasses

We also organise this special classes with one of our Maestros (high-profile tutors)

Our teachers will be delighted to count with you in WKMT masterclasses hosted only for our active students. You could either join them online or physically in case you can come to London.

You could also attend as an active performer, showing what you have prepared.

If you choose to attend as a passive student, you will learn from your fellow attendees about useful tips and advice given by the tutor in charge of the masterclass and use it for your repertoire.

These events can also be attended remotely.