At WKMT, we know how challenging exams can be for the students, regardless of the age or level.

Preparing them for this event should be a positive and enriching experience for all, that is why we elaborated a process that ensures their success taking the stress out of the equation.

To ensure the latter, the preparation of the ABRSM or Trinity exam starts much before the exam date. Every teacher has to produce a student’s programme which entails all the expected learning that includes a deadline. This deadline is calculated before the actual exam date to ensure the student will have enough time to prepare the necessary technical work, aural training, sight-reading skills and the pieces much before. In this way, and especially focused on the development of the pieces, the student has time to settle the expression and the technique they imply.


A month before the deadline…


An exam is arranged with the student to have a first experience of what the examination will be. In this day, the student goes under the same environment as in
an exam. This is what we call Mock Exam.

If the student is studying piano online, the exam is recorded with permission from the parent (in case of children below 18 years-old) before the day.

If the student is taking a face-to-face lesson, the exam is taken by a teacher who is not acquainted by the student to provide a "real feel" of playing in front of someone he or her is not familiarized with. The exam feedback is done by a senior teacher of WKMT Staff and sent to the parents or students. If the exam is successful, this provides a green light to go straight to the exam.

In case the exam is not successful, the student can take it in the next two weeks; this allows the teacher and student to tweak all necessary things that impeded a positive outcome with another try.
This process aids the student and provides the necessary confidence and knowledge about what the exam entails, safeguarding the steps to a rewarding outcome.

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