Do you want to buy a piano? Here are the most expensive ones


World’s Most Expensive Pianos

All piano students dream of having a Steinway or Bosendorfer, and to be true, their piano tutors!


Most commonly, there is a massive gap between the pianos we want to play and buy and the pianos that we finally get, and as sad as we can admit, with honourable exceptions, certain pianos will remain in the realm of the unreachable. Let us take a look at some in this article.



Do you know the most expensive piano? 

If you said “Crystal Heintzman Piano”, you were correct. 

This entirely see-through crystal piano is an incredible 9ft long and is worth $3.22m. It was played only once in the Beijing Olympics.

The second in line is Fazioli Brunei. He was interested in crafted pianos, without any interest in mass production; this translates in cost, but on the other hand, you will get perfection at its utmost level.


Another piano not to be missed is John Lennon’s piano. Clearly not for sale, but only for display; This is a piano with a great story as it was where the composer made “Imagine”, one of the most epic songs in rock history.


The third on the list is the “Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons”, which was made specifically for a Chinese collector named Guo Qingxiang. What makes this piano so unique is that it is made out of forty different types of wood, which in piano construction is entirely unthinkable.



There are more to go through, not as pricy as the first three, but it is worth mentioning them:

We have the Galaxy piano, the Marilyn Monroe’s piano, and two brands that are known to be among the most expensive ones: Bosendorfer, Bechstein and Steinway. However, Bluthner is almost as expensive as any of the pianos just quoted.

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