Piano lessons Uley

Piano lessons in Uley

by WKMT Accredited piano teachers

Who are we?

WKMT-UK brings all ability of WKMT London to all towns and cities in the UK.

We prepare ABRSM and Trinity College London grade examinations. We can train piano students from Beginners to Diploma level.

We complement our tuition with amazing and enriching activities. You can participate in our events, either in person or remotely.

Advantages of enrolling with WKMT-UK

By becoming a pupil of WKMT-UK you benefit from:
1. Prestigious piano tutors.
2. Encouraging performance opportunities in the UK and in Spain, in which you can participate physically or online
3. Participating, physically or remotely in Piano Masterclasses
4. A well-monitored piano studying system that frames your one-to-one lessons
5. Taking lessons within a consistent educational framework that supports and enhances the teachings of your individual piano tutor.

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AffiliatedWKMT-UK piano teachers

All our accredited piano tutors can access our resources database and coaching sessions. Regardless of their level of membership with WKMT, they will always be able to access our weekly training sessions and academic counselling.

You can choose to take piano sessions:
1. f-2-f with our available accredited piano teachers in your area

2. Online with our endorsed piano tutors

3. Online with our WKMT-London principal piano tutors.

Student advise

Even though we welcome pupils at an international level, our approach is individualised. Therefore, if you are interested in joining our piano practise, you just need to get in touch. A member of our team will be delighted to explain to you what are our options for you in your city.

We will help to choose your piano teacher so it matches :
1. your level
2. your availability
3. your location

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