Piano lessons Nairn

Piano lessons in Nairn

by WKMT Accredited piano teachers


WKMT-UK brings every talent of WKMT London to all towns and cities in the UK.

We prepare ABRSM and Trinity College London grade examinations. We can train piano pupils from Beginners to Diploma level.

We supplement our tuition with unbelievable and framing events. You can participate in our events, either in person or remotely.

Advantages of learning to play the piano with WKMT-UK

By becoming a pupil of WKMT-UK you benefit from:
1. Top-notch piano maestros.
2. Encouraging performance opportunities in the UK and abroad, in which you can participate face-to-face or online
3. Participating, f-2-f or online in Piano Masterclasses
4. A well-monitored piano learning system that potentiates your one-to-one lessons
5. Taking lessons within a consistent teaching system that channels and enhances the teachings of your individual piano teacher.


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AccreditedWKMT-UK piano tutors

All our affiliated piano teachers can access our knowledge database and training sessions. Regardless of their level of affiliation with WKMT, they will always have access to our weekly training sessions and academic advice.

You can choose to take piano sessions:
1. In person with our available approved piano tutors in your area

2. Online with our approved piano teachers

3. Online with our WKMT-London principal piano tutors.

Student care

In spite of the fact that we welcome students at an international level, our approach is very personal. For that reason, if you are interested in enrolling, we kindly ask you to contact us. A member of our team will be delighted to show you what are our options for you in your area.

We will help to choose your piano teacher so it matches :
1. your level
2. your availability
3. your location

WKMT London piano and composition lessons are now accessible for all prospective music students in Nairn Scottland

Scottland has a long history of classical composers and performers. One can’t forget to mention Alexander Mackenzie and his beautiful Britannia Overture Op. 52. 

The dramatic landscapes and tradition of Nairn is the perfect environment for talented musicians to arise!

We are looking forward to incorporating students from Nairn to our national music family.

One-to-one online piano lessons with WKMT London teachers

You can take lessons directly with our WKMT London teachers via Zoom.

Our teachers follow all the same procedures when teaching online that they follow when delivering face to face piano lessons.

Accredited WKMT piano teacher in Nairn – Scottland

We can also organise lessons with an accredited WKMT Piano Teacher in your area if they are available.

Free streamed music lessons: Harmony, Piano Technique, Composition, Music Analysis and much more.

If you prefer to see us in action, you can visit our Online Streamed Music Subjects page. You can watch or participate in our webinars on Harmony, Composition, Counterpoint, Music Analysis and other subjects.

If you have doubts in connection to the online lessons you can post your questions on our forum at https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/forum, we try to answer as many questions as possible.

Alternatively, you can join the sections as an active participant by applying for access via email to [email protected] and purchasing your “Active Participant pass” at https://www.wkmt-uk.co.uk/product/active-participation-in-live-streamed-subjects/

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